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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

So my Thanksgiving was good. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving all I did was cook and slice up my fingers. I helped my brother and sister in law prepare two of their 5 (!) Thanksgiving pies: pumpkin and pecan (two of the most easiest pies on the planet). I also helped prep some of their apple pies. That's where I sliced up my left thumb. That was in the morning. Then in the afternoon, I also prepped the appetizers I was bringing to my family's soiree. I cut vegetables, made hummus (lemon and hazelnut...the hazelnut was pretty bad). I also prepped the onion and apple stuff for this appetizer. That's how I sliced up my right thumb, middle finger and ring finger. Mandolins do it to me all the time.

Thursday we woke up early and drove down to my Aunt Sally's house in north San Diego county. We encountered virtually no traffic going down there, which was quite wonderful (the year before I drove there with Gavin from Ojai at a later hour and we almost died from all of the traffic). It was nice to hang out with and see my extended family. I regret that I did not get to see Danny's new house! Overall, my family seemed to enjoy playing the new Beatles Rock Band. Pictures of our food and fun are up.

Friday Gavin and I woke up early again and drove up to Ojai and encountered virtually no traffic getting up there. In fact, they may have put those moving sidewalks on the freeway because we got there in record time. We hung out with his family and had a very low-key Friday. I made a brussels sprout dish that was enjoyed by many, if not all.

Saturday I had close to a nervous breakdown about the stresses in my life. This included my job situation, living situation, wedding situation, Family Promise, and a conversation I had with Gavin's mom about choosing which family to spend the holidays with. Talk to me about any of these things and I will cry. Saturday was not fun. We saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was GREAT...except when the woman in front of me turned back to yell at me for (accidentally) kicking her seat while I crossed my legs during the movie. All tall people will feel my pain. All short people will wonder why I was kicking this woman's chair. Saturday was not fun at all.

One of my problems is that I am a detail person. So, when I get caught up in a time of transition, it's really hard for me to see that anything is moving and will change because all I see are all of the details that need to get accomplish. At this point in my life, it feels like there are too many obstacles in all of the details that I am currently juggling. Life has been stressful and not so fun lately. How I wish I could see the big picture.

Sunday I went to church in Ventura, where my old youth pastor is the head pastor. Church was a breath of fresh air after a difficult Saturday. We came home on Sunday and since then I've been trying to get things in order for my Family Promise meeting this week.

Yesterday I worked at the hospital and then played in my last softball game of the season. I believe we won. I also believe this is the shortest team we have ever played. I hit lots of good hits...that were made into incredible catches. But at least I felt like I played well.

Today I have a bunch of errands to work on, as well as working on the photo album project. One of my clients is asking me to make digital copies of all of their photo albums, which is quite a big project. I am in the middle of album #3 of 7, I think.

- Jenny, 12/01/2009 10:01:00 AM

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