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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Well, blogging on Thursday, Friday or Saturday just wasn't possible. Or, I guess it may have been possible, but just didn't work out.

Thursday I was getting stuff together for the monthly Family Promise (my homeless charity) meeting. And I guess I just didn't feel like blogging. Friday was busier than busy - I worked at the hospital, then raced home for a Skype conference call that started late and actually ended up getting rescheduled, then I hopped into the car to pick Gavin up from the airport. Saturday I woke up early and Gavin and I headed up to spend the weekend with his family in Ojai. Somehow this didn't get conveyed to them, so we headed back home Saturday afternoon and I made us some pumpkin & pear soup for dinner while we watched a movie from Netflix: Confetti. Gavin really liked the soup, I thought it was a little too sweet for my taste and I found that I think I prefer butternut squash in taste and texture to pumpkin.

Anyway, on Wednesday of this week I have to produce a first sample or other ideas for this painting I have to do for the Catholic Missionary organization for their Easter card. It's supposed to be of the women approaching the empty tomb. Boy is this hard. I think it's partly hard because I don't have a firm idea of what I want to draw. It's mostly hard beyond that because drawing the human figure is really hard for me to do, unless I'm doing it regularly. So it's hard for me to envision how the body turns and what shapes it makes, and stuff. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. :(

I think I may take a break from the drawing and instead go and get some tacos for lunch. I'm also debating about whether to get my car washed and to get my nails manicured, since I have a pretty bad hangnail that needs to be removed (I don't think I have that tool). I have basically been thinking about doing those things for the last two weeks, so me thinking about them today could either mean that I just go and get them over with, or put them off for the next two weeks.

- Jenny, 11/08/2009 12:16:00 PM

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