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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My super-├╝ber busyness is now gone. Now I am just at my regular state of busyness, which is pretty busy with some times of rest in between.

So it seems like right now there's a huge trend in cooking blogs to photograph each and every step of the process. (see here and here.) It's interesting to me and very beautiful, but I've just got to wonder--how does what they're cooking turn out to be ok? They must have a photography assistant or whatever because if they're like anything like me when I cook, it's often one ingredient goes in, then another, then another. No time to wait to set up a good photo. Am I the only one?

Anyway, so the other day I was given some guavas by my friend Vicky from her tree. (She also gave me some delicious pomelos!) It was very handy because just the day before I had been looking at some recipes and saw a recipe for Shortbread Almond Cookies with Guava. I passed up the recipe because I thought to myself, "Who has guava?" But now that I had some guava, I found the recipe again and was sad to see that it doesn't call for actual guava, but guava paste. I disregarded the recipe again until I started eating the guavas and discovered that I wasn't the hugest fan of eating them raw. So then I began wondering if whether I could actually make this guava paste with the guavas I had. I googled the recipe and it looked complicated, so I decided not to do it. But then, because it is clear that I keep on going back and forth on this subject, I decided to make it afterall. (And it wasn't that bad.) Fast-forward to the next day, I made the cookies, put them in the oven, took them out and let them cool. Then I bit into one and apparently did not realize that the guava paste centers would be still hot from the oven - I ended up burning my lip. It's been tender for a few days now and now has a little bit of a scab. I still have some guava paste left, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with it.

Today I have planned to begin the final draft of the Easter painting for the Catholic missionary organization. They really, really liked my first draft (a miracle--it was hard for me to get to that point!), so now I just have to alter things slightly, scan it, and send it in. Speaking of scanning, I am in the market for an 11x17" scanner (or, even a 12x18"). These large format scanners are mega-bucks - into the thousands of dollars. I found one on Amazon for only $180 or so and I ended up buying it, but became disappointed with the dullness of the scan. It didn't quite capture the colors represented in my watercolors. Sure, I could have adjusted it a little in Photoshop, but I'd rather just start with a clean scan. So I returned it and am back wondering what to do. Should I spend the $1,000 for an Epson one, or should I try out the Brother 3-in-1 print/scan/copy that does 11x17". That one is only $300, and may work just fine. No one on the comments on Amazon has said about how the scanner works. Most of them are upset with how it prints (my assumption is that they're all using it for photo printing). I wouldn't be interested in photo printing at all, so maybe it'd be ok for me. Not sure, still mulling it over in my brain.

Anyway, there are things to be doing right now, so I'll have to catch you on the flip side.

- Jenny, 11/19/2009 10:17:00 AM

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