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Monday, July 06, 2009

A tradition in my household is to watch the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition every 4th of July. Some years there are even phone calls back and forth between various members of my family to comment on the show. I was in Ojai this weekend, so I watched it with my dad yesterday on DVR. If you never have watched the competition, you must. The eating part is a little bit gross (I will admit, but it is at the end, so you can avoid that part), but the commentary leading up to the actual competition is hilarious. I love how the commentators make competitive eating sound so serious, and love the words they use to describe the contestants.

If I had to participate in a competitive eating competition, I think I'd do the best if the food was watermelon. I can eat a lot of watermelon. This was my question for my family last night. If they had to, what would be their food of choice...what food do they feel they could actually be competitors. I didn't get much response. Joey couldn't think of anything and Carrie guessed pie. My uncle Brad thinks he could do fried chicken (and I agree). Gavin thinks he could do pizza, but my guess for Gavin is actually macaroons. I can't remember if my dad had an answer. What would be your food?

This weekend, as I said above, Gavin and I went to Ojai to spend the weekend with his parents. As always, it was a nice weekend. Saturday Bonnie and I went down to the Ventura street fair, leaving Gavin and his dad behind. We have a lot more interest in those things, generally, than they do, so it was nice to be able to go together and to leave them behind and not have to worry about boring them. I bought myself a necklace and two small colored glass window vases, each the size of about a cell phone holder. Bonnie also bought herself a necklace. Then, Saturday night we went over to watch fireworks at Gavin's old high school. Gavin took these photos. Pretty successful! He also took these photos of his parents' dog, Scarlett. I think Scarlett is a beautiful dog. A handful, sometimes, but beautiful.

- Jenny, 7/06/2009 03:56:00 PM

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