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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In rare and exciting news, we won our softball game last night! By like 20. I suppose this team has been on the winning side for many of our games this season, but it was shocking to win by so much, especially considering we lost to this team last time! In other news, my Sunday softball team lost their game, again. We lost to the Unicorns, who wear pink t-shirts with a unicorn on them. Last summer we lost to them by 30 (no exaggeration), so I suppose it was nice that this time we only lost to them by 15. In my opinion it was because the Crippler was throwing the heat. Several strike-outs.

Even though I don't have work today, I have a lot of at-home work to do. Some graphic design, and then I have to start coming up with paintings for the Catholic missionary organization that commissions their Christmas painting from me. Instead of getting right to my work today, I have had a lazy morning. I slept in until 8a, which is kinda late for me, especially on a weekday. Then I've been on the computer a bit and went to the grocery store for tonight. (I think I am going to make this salad for dinner.) Pretty soon I think I'll take a shower, then I'll start working, which may be only a small amount of time because then I have lunch plans at 11:15 a.m. Tough life, I know.

Last night I also had a community meeting for Family Promise. I'll tell you something--I'll love once we're up and running. Sometimes I get frustrated because there's SO much to do in order to get it started. There were only two people who came to the community meeting and, after our presentation, they said they wanted to volunteer for us. That was pretty cool. That was our experience at the community meetings we set up. The city planner said that he did get a couple of emails and a couple of phone calls not in support of the program, and it sort of frustrates me that those people are against it without even hearing about the program. But, whatever. The final decision (about whether or not we will get the place we want to be our day center) will be made on the 13th at a planning board meeting. I am hoping that it will be positive and that I can still go to my softball game afterward.

Ok, time to get started. Have a good day!

- Jenny, 6/30/2009 09:23:00 AM

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