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Friday, June 26, 2009

I figure that I've posted 3x in a row - might as well finish out the week with a quick post...even though it seems that no one reads Friday posts...probably because everyone's excited about the weekend.

Anyway, we had the leftovers of the middle eastern stuffed bell peppers tonight (with salt and pepper added this time) and they were much better than last night. No watermelon tonight (because Gavin and I--although mostly me, I'd say--ate it all last night), so I made us salads. I don't know about Gavin's salad, but mine was delicious. Funny, because I also made myself a salad at lunch with approximately the same ingredients and that salad was so-so. But the salad tonight - it could be a contender for best salad ever.

Putting together a salad is something I typically do well...and can figure out with an odd variety of things. I'd love to get to the place where I can look in the refrigerator and put together a meal (and I mean a good meal) with what's in there. Maybe with time.

People around Gavin's apartment have taken to celebrating the 4th of July way early. For the past month people have been constantly setting off fireworks. From the sound of it, some of them are big ones. Tonight I asked him when he thought his neighborhood is going up in flames. Because what goes up must come down, right? Sometimes I tell him that the gang warfare is going on heavy outside. I think he gets the point that I don't exactly like his neighborhood. Or his neighborhood cat that keeps peeing on the vents of my car.

My goal for tomorrow is to do the goal that I forgot to do today: wash my car. It is filthy. Something needs to be done, otherwise I will be a menace driving the streets of Los Angeles.

- Jenny, 6/26/2009 10:19:00 PM

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