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Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, friends, I have spent the majority of the day cleaning. This is a positive thing because it's one of the many agenda items on my list for this week. I was going to hold out for later on this week, but I needed to wait around the house for something this afternoon and I figured that I'd have more time and attention to clean today instead of trying to fit it in among other things on Wednesday or Thursday morning. Some highlights of cleaning today: I rotated on my brown sheets, which I continue to love and adore. I organized four of my cubby holes on my bookshelf, making 6/16 of the cubby holes now completely organized. I also am finished cleaning the shower, which is always the most hated of tasks and now it's done, so that's a highlight! I still need to do major work in the living room and kitchen, but all in good time.

Today I also have been trying to get a handle on what I need to do with the rehearsal dinner. There's a certain member of my family that I'm working with on the rehearsal dinner because it's at her house and every time I talk with her I get so frustrated. Gavin is very good for me because he reminds me that I need to be charitable with her (which is easy for me to forget). So whereas I wish that the week won't go by too quickly so that I can get everything done, I cannot wait for the rehearsal dinner to pass.

Joey and I are trying to figure out how we can see the This American Life thing in the theatre. They are showing it in Burbank, but it is sold out. Plus, earlier that night we have the rehearsal for their wedding. We could make it to one of the farther away showings (Arcadia or Woodland Hills)...but, it'd be cutting it close. Unfortunately, the Encore show on the 7th of May doesn't work for me - that's my Family Promise night. It probably won't happen, but...maybe...

Part of what makes my brother's wedding so exciting is that Tracey is officiating. I'm so excited to be able to spend some time with her in person! She is coming in on Thursday afternoon.

I am also trying to put my mind around what it will take to do the painting thing in New Jersey. Like what I have to prepare for it, what I want to prepare for it, etc. My ticket is already purchased, now I have to figure out how to make this thing worth my while. I think what I am suffering from today, though, is a bit of a paralyzation of all that I need to do (Joey's wedding, rehearsal dinner, painting gig, Family Promise, etc.) and trying to organize a good timing of what should be done when, what is most pressing, etc. Lately I have felt a bit overwhelmed, so it'll be nice to have some large chunks crossed off my list after the end of this week.

Mangos were on sale yesterday 10 for $10. They're not quite delicious yet (although not bad), but I did make my award-winning mango salsa for my prayer group last night. The mango salsa turned out delicious! I love calling it my award-winning mango salsa because it's just a recipe from a cook book that I made for work when we had a salsa contest once. Everyone else made really good, homemade tomato-based salsas and I think mine won because it was both different and fruit salsas are delicious. I think somewhere I have a recipe for cherry salsa that I should try once cherries get in season.

Well...I guess that's all for now. I suppose I should try to at least tackle a portion of the living room before I meet up with Gavin for dinner. I think I need to play Rock Band with him tonight. Rock Band is one of those things that he LOVES and I tolerate, but that is important for me to do with him every so often.

- Jenny, 4/20/2009 04:06:00 PM

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