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Monday, April 27, 2009

So tired.

My brother & Carrie's wedding was last night (rehearsal dinner pics here). Suffice to say, all day today I have been dragging. The wedding was beautiful and I am so glad that now it's over. There have been some intense moments over the past few days, rehearsing and getting ready and dealing with various interpersonal tendencies among people. But there also were sweet moments and exciting moments and fun moments. It was also great having Tracey in town and spending so much time with her, and having the ability to do non-wedding stuff, too. We had a great day on Friday exploring the California coast and practically couldn't stop talking the entire time.

I took Tracey to the airport today and have spent the rest of the day alternating between feeling exhausted, to feeling a little sad. Sad that Tracey is gone, sad that my brother is gone (on his honeymoon), sad that my family has returned home. For all of the frustration and stress that this wedding has brought in the past few days, it also brought people together. I guess I feel a little "postpartum depression" with the end of the wedding, if you will. And if I have it (for what little I have contributed), I can't imagine how Carrie's mom and Carrie herself must feel with the change.

Alas, life goes on, but to experience that life fully, one must sleep. So, I'm going to hit the sack.

- Jenny, 4/27/2009 05:38:00 PM

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