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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm making croutons right now. Mostly because I bought a loaf of bread at Trader Joe's and it went stale almost instantly. Has anyone else ever had a good experience at Trader Joe's buying bread? I have not.

Yesterday was a doozy. I went in to work at the hospital and it turned out that they had so many people working yesterday (with interns and residents and all) that I only was assigned one unit (typically I am assigned two or sometimes more). One unit is a breeze, and if I start visiting people at around 9:30, I can typically finish by 11:15, charting and all. Because of this, I thought I'd be so bored from about 12 noon until 4:30, when I left, but how wrong I was. I had several significant interactions with patients, and was on-call (and was called several times!), and I had some truly weird interactions with some patients.

This one patient, when I left her room, insisted I take this self-published book that she had written on 9/11. The picture on the corner, of course, is of the twin towers on fire and it just felt so weird to take the book, especially because neither of us have any connection to 9/11. I didn't talk with her to find out more about why she was giving me this book because I thought perhaps she's one of those conspiracy theorists. I hate conspiracy theorists and have so little patience for them. So, I accepted the book and moved on. About 10 or so patients after her, I encountered another patient. I introduced myself as the chaplain and he asked me my denomination. Once I told him Presbyterian, he yelled at me, "YOU KILLED MY FATHER!!! I am a Seventh Day Adventist!!" and walked away from me, refusing to talk to me any further. Needless to say, that was quite unsettling, and I will never know what he meant.

Anyway, I ended up being busy until I left. Today and tomorrow will be busy with details, due to Joey's impending nuptials. Tracey is flying in on Thursday afternoon and between now and then, I have to do a lot of cleaning, make some phone calls, flesh out some details and go to three meetings (scratch that: four meetings). And work a 2 hour shift at the hospital so they can take out their administrative assistant for the administrative assistants' day, or whatever. Much to do, but since I want to keep everyone in the loop so that no one feels they don't have an idea of what's going on in my life, one of my first priorities this morning is blogging. Well, not one of my firsts, since I have technically been awake since 6:45a or so (the sun has been waking me up early lately, which is a treasure!).

Well, I should probably get to my tasks. Catch you on the flip side!

- Jenny, 4/22/2009 08:47:00 AM

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