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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am so relieved. This afternoon I set my face toward finishing the corrections on some marketing sheets that I've been working on for months now. The project is for this accounting firm that I design for and they've been busy over the past couple of months, as have I, so I have been slow to send things back. However, I have been feeling the pressure of having it on my to-do list, yet haven't done anything with it lately. So I spent the entire afternoon - a full 6.5 hours - finishing these corrections. I've emailed them off and I'm sure they'll have more corrections for me to do, but for now it's crossed off of my to-do list. Weight off of my shoulders!!

So I still miss my brother. I think whenever I am at my house and my brother isn't here (particularly during the day), it just feels lonely. The silly thing is that even if Joey is here during the day, I don't talk with him very much. I guess it's just the knowledge that he is here. I received a brief email from him today that included a picture from his lunch spot, which was pretty. I guess he and Carrie had just made it to Maui from Kauai.

Tonight my dad made Gavin and I some barbecued chicken that had this lemon garlic...marinade (sorta) along with barbecued corn. It was delicious. You know, I usually do not like barbecued chicken because it's dry, but my dad has been dismantling this stereotype for me lately.

Tomorrow I also have the day off, so I will be focusing on my painting excursion in Princeton. I have to respond to my contacts over there. I already have bought some paper and have looked at the inspiration photos they have sent me (which, frankly, aren't too inspiring) and have already begun doing some drawings. I may have completed about 8 drawings so far. But more needs to be done - I need to practice painting some and figure out which colors I will ask them to buy me.

Anyway, I should get going to bed. Part of what I'll need to do to make it feel like I'm not too busy and overworked this month is to be sure to get good rest!

- Jenny, 4/30/2009 10:15:00 PM

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