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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why have I been so silent? Because I have been so busy. Here are the things I've been doing since my last post, in no particular order:

- Family Promise. Last month, Family Promise voted me as President of their Board of Directors. I had sort of been acting that way, since I took charge of the meetings and was involved with a few City meetings and stuff, but it feels a little weird and overwhelming that now that's my official title. I feel a lot more personal responsibility now to get things going. And the thing is that we're kind of stagnant right now. Not really, because we have some exciting movement with the Day Center (we may have found our headquarters), but stagnant in finding more churches to help host and especially in raising funds. We have a snag with raising funds in that the IRS is dragging their feet to give us our non-profit certification and we had to re-file, after having filed last summer. That is frustrating, because it means we'll be rejected from every grant we apply for.

- Joey & Carrie's Rehearsal Dinner. Joey and Carrie are getting married next month and my dad and I are in charge of the rehearsal dinner. Last week I spent a whole day working on it, making decisions, putting together the invitations and booking the caterer. I think now there'll be no more work necessary for it until we get closer to the wedding, like perhaps the week (or maybe even the day) before.

- Preaching. In March, I have three preaching dates: the 8th, 15th and 29th. Last week, amongst everything else I had to do, I also had to write my sermon, which was very stressful. However, fortunately enough, once I finished my exegesis (research document) and started writing my sermon, the sermon just flowed out and didn't take more than 3 hours to write, which is a very short time for me to write a sermon. That was exciting. This week I also have to prepare a sermon, and I just feel so stuck. I finished my research document, and I feel no more inspiration toward the text than when I started, perhaps. My goal is to get started on writing that sermon today because tomorrow night Gavin and I are going out on a double date with a co-worker of his. Saturday is just too close to preaching for me to write a sermon, so I feel like most of it has to be finished today. Hopefully it'll go ok.

- Bridesmaid. This June my friend Marian is getting married, and I am one of her bridesmaids. We're right in the time when dresses have to be picked out, and it is more of an ordeal than I can manage right now. We were going to order online, then we decided to go with David's Bridal, but now we still have to wait before we can order, etc., etc. I will need to get my dress altered - I am right in between two sizes - so I feel a little frustrated that even after ordering my dress I can't quite check it off my list. Also, next weekend we're going to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party, so there have been some planning and consideration things for that.

- My Wedding. Gavin and I and both of our parents have also been thinking and concentrating on when/where to get married, which is kind of hard and remains yet unsettled. We were going to have it at his parents' house, but it turns out the rentals for stuff is pricey, so now we're looking into other venues. We're trying for this fall, but this week something came up that may make us push it back to perhaps January or March of next year. I'm at a point where I just don't care that much, I'd just prefer to have something settled for the date/location.

In the midst of all of this, I continue to work at the hospital a few days per week, in addition to doing some freelance graphic design and painting here and there. Finances aren't the greatest, but I'm still getting bills paid, which I suppose is important. The end of my March seems to be a little quieter than the beginning, both on the work front (I drop down to two days per week at the hospital) and also on the activities front (although all of my weekends are booked solid for March, and many also for April).

- Jenny, 3/12/2009 07:40:00 AM

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