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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm working today at the hospital, but I'm a bit frustrated because nearly all the other staff chaplains are also here. Usually I come in whenever one or more are absent and I cover their units. However, because all are here, I was assigned only one unit today, which I finished in the morning. I have a couple more hours before I get to go home, so I figure that it is time for a blog update.

Last week was incredibly busy for me. A recap:

Monday I worked at the hospital. I was supposed to play softball in the evening but our game was cancelled, due to rain. This was good news to me not only because that day it was incredibly cold, but it allowed me time to work on my exegesis report in order to write a sermon for the following Sunday. However, that day at the hospital, all I wanted was to eat a cookie. I ended up going over to Gavin's on Monday night and I brought with me a bag of chocolate chips. Gavin was sweet enough not only to make me dinner, but also chocolate chip cookies while I worked on my report.

Tuesday I also worked at the hospital. Afterward, I went to the City Council meeting of Burbank in order to support a report they were doing on homelessness, specifically homeless families. The city wants to do something to help homeless families and is considering partnering with various non-profit organizations also in the city. This could be big news for Family Promise, so I had to go to show support. I expected the meeting to go for maybe an hour or so, but there was a controversial issue also on the docket, so even though I got there at 6 p.m., the item number I was to stay for didn't even go on until about 9 p.m. I believe I left there that night at 10 p.m. and the meeting was still going strong. I cannot believe that the City Council members and those city workers that have to attend do that every single Tuesday night.

Wednesday I originally had a day off, but ended up taking a 4 hour shift at the hospital. After working there, I drove home and had some lunch and then went to Pasadena to drop off a color swatch book at the office of one of my clients. I thought it was going to be a quick drop-off, but they ended up pulling me in to discuss the changes they want me to make on the marketing materials I am doing for them. It ended up taking about an hour, I think. Then I stopped by Vroman's to pick up a book and look at invitations for Carrie & Joey's rehearsal dinner, but I didn't have much time because I needed to get back in order to go to a dinner. The president of Family Promise national called me the week before and we organized a dinner with a group from our organization, since she was out here on a business trip. The dinner was great and really helpful, but it didn't finish until late--9 p.m. or so. It was all I had in me to watch LOST and get clothes ready for the next day.

Thursday morning I had an interview for an administrative assistant position. The interview went decently, I think, but ended up taking about 2.5 hours, all told. The process reminded me how much I detest interviewing and looking for a job. But the people were nice enough and I guess I'll wait to hear how it goes. I'm expecting that I won't get the job, since I am actually way overqualified for the position. But, we'll see. Right after the interview, I went over to the hospital to work the remainder of my shift (I went in late because of the interview). After that, I came home and Gavin and I worked on finishing painting the walls of my room. Because my space has been in disarray, so my mind also has been scattered. So, it was nice to paint those walls, knowing that I would soon be able to move everything in place.

Friday I had off from the hospital and all day long I was stressed out, knowing that I still had to prepare my sermon for Sunday. In the morning I worked on finishing my exegesis document, and then I spent all afternoon and early evening writing the sermon. I was quite surprised and pleased that the sermon seemed to come easily as I was writing it all out.

Saturday morning I had to go to a meeting for Family Promise regarding our board. We've had some organizational problems with our board, so we needed to elect new members and figure all of that out. I was hoping it'd be a half-hour meeting, but it ended up being three hours. I was also elected President of the board. While I enjoy all of the people from Family Promise immensely, I left that meeting feeling overwhelmed with the process of starting a non-profit, as well as overwhelmed and exhausted from the week. However, Gavin and I made plans to go to Descanso Gardens and then out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day. The thing is that it ended up not being terribly pleasant, mostly because I was in a bit of a cranky mood. Gavin is really good at putting up with me when I get into that sort of mood. We ended up having an early dinner, then I went home and took a nap and practiced my sermon for the next day.

Sunday I got up early and made the trek up to Lancaster to preach my sermon, which just seems forever away. You keep on driving and once you feel like you've driven long enough, you realize that you have yet another 20 minutes of driving (or so). Anyway, I arrived and preached my sermon and it seemed to go ok. The people at that church are very nice and I had some interesting conversations after church, so that was good, but difficult because they're all people I don't know. Then I drove back to the valley, but had a baby shower to go to for Amy and Justin, so I ended up just driving to the destination and staying in my car to rest before going in. Once I went in, I realized that the only people I knew (really) at the baby shower were Amy and Justin, which was fine, but also exhausting. I had some conversations with people I met there, but after all of the presents were opened, I was anxious to get home and rest. So I drove home and rested for a little bit, but had difficulty really resting. Eventually, Gavin came over for dinner with my family and he also helped me complete my room by helping me move my furniture back in place. There are still things to tidy up and get settled, but right now everything is in its place and I feel so relieved to be finished with the part of the room re-order project that is so disruptive.

Monday was a day off, but my body didn't feel the need to sleep in--I woke up at 7:00 a.m. sharp. My dad, brother and I ended up going out to breakfast at a local restaurant. I'm not a huge fan of breakfast (mostly because I don't like eggs and prefer simple breakfasts of fruit and toast or cereal or something), but I decided to get the fruit stuffed french toast. Oh my, what a mistake. I mean, it was delicious, but it ended up being so much food that I was literally full all day long from it and I just couldn't get myself motivated. I don't know if it was because I was tired from the week, if it was because it rained hard all day long, or because of the food, but I just couldn't bring myself to do anything that day. It really felt like a miserable waste. That night I went over to Gavin's and made a chicken tortilla soup (that was delicious) and we watched a movie.

Yesterday I worked again at the hospital, then worked all last night on various freelance projects.

And here I am today. I've had a headache all day long and I'm not quite sure why. I get allergy/sinus headaches, but I've taken an allergy pill today and still it hasn't helped. I am looking forward to getting off my shift and going to lie down. I have some stuff to work on for Family Promise, as well as freelance projects, and I should probably start on my sermon that'll be on the 8th of March. Looking forward, March looks to be absolutely crazy for me. I get tired just thinking about it.

Anyway, that is why I have been too busy to post. My brother was lamenting this past week that sometimes he has a hard time trying to figure out ways to keep himself busy. I have a hard time trying to keep myself from getting busy. I suppose we all have struggles...

- Jenny, 2/18/2009 02:04:00 PM

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