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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, seems like 2009 repeats my poor blogging habits of 2008. Here's a rewind of the past few days:

So last week I went to Disneyland with Gavin and his family and my family. It was basically this Christmas present that got out of hand. Gavin was taking Kendra and I to Disneyland for Christmas and I was taking Gavin and then my dad to Disneyland for Christmas. BUT then everyone else was interested in going, which ended up being a lot of fun. We went to both Disneyland and California Adventure (pictures here). Both parks seemed crowded, but the reality was that we either walked on the ride or had to wait 5-20 minutes for a ride. Our two longest lines were probably the Tower of Terror and the Matterhorn, each probably about 30 minutes. Which is amazing for Disneyland. We went on everything we wanted to go on, except for the things that were closed, like the Haunted Mansion.

This was my first time at Disneyland since 2003, probably. And the thing is that I'm probably OK to wait another 5-6 years to go to Disneyland again. By the end of the night, I felt SO sick...and like jelly. The consensus is that Space Mountain (our second-to-last ride) ruined most of us. Some of us (myself included!) couldn't even go to work the next day, we felt so sick.

Friday I did bits and real bulk of work. Then I watched some of Joan of Arcadia (Season 2) with Jenn, then later on that night after playing some Rock Band (where I sang on Expert and scored in the low 90s), Gavin and I went to South Pasadena and walked around and got some ice cream.

I can't really remember what happened on Saturday. Kendra left to go back to Iowa, so in the morning Gavin and I hung out with Gavin's parents for an hour while they were down in LA dropping Kendra off. Then I feel like we hung out with my family, but I cannot remember at all anything we did.

Sunday I went to church, then came home and occupied myself with resuming cleaning my room. Eventually, I got to the place where I felt like I could start painting, which was exciting!

So Monday morning I washed the walls of my room and then went to the store to go get some painting supplies. I decided that it was easier to do two walls at a time because then I could just push stuff around in my room. Gavin came over mid-day (it was his day off--federal holidays are great!) and helped me paint. Now two walls of my room are washed, spackled, taped and primered. My goal is to apply the color (a very light warm grey) either on Friday or Saturday. I can't wait to take the tape off to see how it turned out...right now it just looks weird.

Yesterday I worked and then had dinner with my friend Tiffany, which was nice. I was also thinking yesterday that perhaps why I haven't been a good blogger is that I haven't been keeping a list of things I want to blog I used to keep.

That brings us to today! I'm working at home, and think that next week will probably be my last week. I have to get looking for something else, but I don't have very much motivation to do so, partly because I don't know what I want to do and partly because I don't expect to find much. Nonetheless, I have to look and apply. I found a listing yesterday with a job title of "Experienced Applicant." I forget what the job was for now, but the title reflected that they wanted applicants with experience. I read it, however, as they wanted people who were experienced in applying--of which I am. It's supposed to rain this afternoon, which may mean that I won't play tennis tonight (should the rain prediction come true).

Anyway, probably no post tomorrow because I'll be at the hospital, but I will try my hardest to post on Friday.

- Jenny, 1/21/2009 08:34:00 AM

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