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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So yesterday I had occasion to go to Costco to pick up a prescription. Since I don't have health insurance, I was told that Costco was one of the cheaper places to go to get prescriptions because they have a program to help people to get prescription drugs cheaper. In my reality, I think I pay the same price for the prescription that they quoted me at Target...but whatever.

So yesterday I went and I placed my prescription and I was told that I'd need to wait 45 minutes. Now the thing is that I've always been confused why it takes so long to fill a prescription. I guess I have thought in the past that it takes so long because the pharmacist has to sit there and count the number of pills you'll get before they put them in the bottle. But yesterday I was picking up a prescription that's already self-contained in a box. I know for a fact that all they do is grab the box off the shelf, put a sticker on it, and then put it in a bag and staple it. So why the long wait time? I just don't get it. Thinking that they surely must have misquoted the time it would take, I went back after 20 or so minutes. My prescription still wasn't ready. So, having passed a couch for sale earlier, I went back there and just sat down and made some phone calls, since they don't have a waiting room to wait for a prescription.

And that was my adventure at Costco yesterday.

Anyway, it's almost a year that Gavin and I have been together. For our year anniversary, I was thinking it would be fun to go away for a weekend, and I was thinking Catalina, but I hadn't totally decided upon that. Anyone have a suggestion for a fun, short weekend get-away from Los Angeles?

- Jenny, 1/07/2009 07:22:00 AM

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