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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So I've noticed a new trend starting in this area: people bringing their pets shopping with them. During Christmastime/the New Year, I went shopping with some of Gavin's family in Santa Barbara and saw not one but THREE people shopping with their dogs. I just couldn't believe that it would be allowed to bring them into the store. Beyond that, I was furthermore amazed that the people shopping with their dogs would want to do that...I would think that it would make shopping endlessly more complicated, in carrying around various items in addition to carrying around one's dog.

At the time, I thought maybe it was just a Santa Barbara thing and so was surprised when I went into IKEA Burbank this weekend and saw this couple shopping with their cat. Now, when it was just the dogs being taken shopping, I wasn't in support of it, but I wasn't as outraged as I was when I saw the cat. I happen to be a little allergic to cats, so I was thinking to myself that it was quite rude for this woman to bring the cat into the store and to let the cat outside of its carrier. I didn't have any allergic reaction, but my allergy is mild. What about the consideration for others who might have severe allergies who are shopping in the same store? I just don't understand why bringing pets to stores is tolerated.

Anyway, in all likelihood, this is my last week of work. Yesterday it was pretty busy, but that seems to have calmed down this morning. I have started looking at new employment listings, but haven't been inspired to apply to anything as of yet. I was hoping to be able to get three days at the hospital starting in February, but it looks like they can only give me two. So, I have a little bit of worry presently.

My weekend involved me finishing painting the two walls of my room. I also got a bookcase so that I can start organizing books that I've had in a corner for the past year plus now. Now I just have to organize and start settling that half of the room so that I can push everything over and finish the other two walls. Once it will be complete, I will be thrilled! Also, I will be thrilled once the paint fumes go away. I am very sensitive to smells.

Well, I should probably either get back to work or put myself together. One of the two...or maybe both. :)

- Jenny, 1/27/2009 08:55:00 AM

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