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Friday, January 23, 2009

Short post, as I only have a limited time left on my computer before the battery dies.

Yesterday I worked at the hospital. It was so-so, but I do like the people I work with there. Then I went over to Gavin's for a dinner with two of his lawyer friends plus one's wife. We had chili (Gavin makes a very good chili) and the basic artisan bread from my new cookbook (which you cannot go wrong with), then we all played Rock Band then, after they left, Gavin and I played a game called Little Big Planet, which we were introduced to by Joey and Carrie that Gavin just LOVES. I like the game and think that it looks really cool...I just am so uncoordinated when it comes to playing video games.

It was a full night. Today I really would like to put the color on my two, primed bedroom walls. That entails me getting out of my cozy-warm bed...which will happen eventually. I really can't wait to see what the walls look like once the tape will be taken off. Then tonight Joey and Carrie are coming over to Gavin's and we'll make homemade pizza and probably play Rock Band...or Little Big Planet, if they bring over their PS3 controllers. Either way, Gavin will be happy. I just hope I won't be super tired from painting in order to enjoy myself.

- Jenny, 1/23/2009 09:18:00 AM

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