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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I don't know what I've done, but somehow I've ended up on a new-age spirituality mailing list. Today I got a catalog from Shambhala, which offers books on relationships and psychology, buddhism and zen, creativity, personal growth, health, literature and much more!

A few weeks ago, I got a packet of helpful binder pages from Enhancing your Mind Body Spirit. They feature headings like Natural Healing (articles are: Giving a Head Massage, Healing with Lavender, Creating Your Ideal Sleep Area), Charting the Future (articles are: Major Lines of Your Palm, Recording of Your Exact Moment of Birth), You, Friendship & Love (article: Contacting Lady Moon to Find Your True Love, Your Special Friendship Number), and Spells and Magic (article: The Magic of Clear Quartz). I have already sent off the article about contacting Lady Moon to find your true love to a deserving friend, but if one of these articles intrigues you, let me know and it's all yours. In the new age community, we are all about sharing insight and wisdom.

Also a week or two ago, I ordered a new pair of Earth shoes. Bonnie and Kendra (Gavin's mom and sister) wear this brand of shoes almost exclusively and talk about how wonderful they are, both in comfort and for your feet. It took long to get them because they had to order my size. I normally wear anywhere between a 10-11 and have found lately that I should just order an 11 when getting dress shoes because 10s usually are too small. Short discourse: why is it that women's sizes are offered in whole and half sizes until you get to 10.5? That makes absolutely no sense at all, especially now that women are getting taller and it is increasingly more common for women to have larger feet? However, the shoes came last night and they're much too big, so I'm returning them to get a size 10. Watch size 10 feel too small. Ah, 10.5 - I pine for you!

Anyway, tonight I'm going over to Gavin's and we'll have some chili that he made last night. I'll make some cornbread to go along with it and maybe we'll have a salad...except I don't feel much like a salad. So maybe we'll just have some cut veggies and dip. We'll probably play Little Big Planet for an hour or two and then also make time to watch this week's episode of LOST! And, I hope we'll also watch last week's episode of The Office, unless Gavin already watched it without me (he's good at doing that...).

Tomorrow's a hospital work day, so I'll probably catch you on the flip side.

- Jenny, 1/28/2009 03:01:00 PM

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