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Friday, December 12, 2008

Well, I meant to post both on Wednesday and on Thursday, but the world got the best of me. So I will post today!

Having Fridays off in December has been great. Today I have gone to a meeting with one of my freelance clients, gone to get a painting framed, gone to Costco, volunteered to type in addresses at church for an hour. Gavin's on his way over to watch some LOST, so before he gets here, I hope a lot of things. In which case, I will make this blog a blog of observations I've had recently:

- Costco possibly has the best churros on the planet. I had one today with lunch and it was amazing. When I take my brother back there today to pick up his car with the new tires, I may get another one.

- I heard on the radio today that there are certain carpool lanes in SoCal that will implement this charging system in order to use them. I wonder both how that's possible, how it will be implemented, and what that really means.

- Today I filled up my tank for $1.69/gallon. I think the final bill was something like $19.88. This has got to be the cheapest I've gotten gas since when I first started driving.

- I absolutely hate washing my face during the winter (it's too cold and I hate wasting the water if I wait for it to get warm), so now I've got a collection of zits across my face. Argh!

- Jenny, 12/12/2008 11:24:00 AM

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