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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This afternoon I made a difficult decision: to go to my company's holiday party or not to go to my company's holiday party. On the one hand, I know very few people at the company. On the other hand, it's a chance for free dinner and dancing at a fancy hotel. In the end I decided that Gavin and I would go (and hang out with Terrence and Liz) and then be able to leave whenever we want.

Sunday I watched one of more favorite Seinfeld episodes: the one where Kramer has an intern from NYU. I just find it so humorous that Kramer would need an intern and the ridiculous things that he ends up figuring out to do with his intern. Then I started thinking about how it would be so beneficial for me to have my own intern. Or at least a personal assistant. I no longer have 80+ emails in my inbox (the holiday has allowed me to make it down to 55), but surely an intern or a personal assistant could help me out with keeping that under control.

Lately I've been playing Guitar Hero World Tour with Gavin. Gavin LOVES Guitar Hero and Rock Band and recently just bought an xBox 360 just to play these games. However, yesterday he was telling me how sad he is that he can't sing. Even when it's on easy, it will fail him. It was so sad. And the thing is that I tend to do pretty well when I play Rock Band. Gavin thinks I have a pretty voice, but I think it's more that I have a lot of practice singing, since I sing in church and then I also sing along to the radio. I also listen to the radio and am familiar with the songs of Guitar Hero, whereas Gavin pretty much only listens to NPR. So, I think he's being a bit hard on himself...and I think that if he listened more to these songs on the radio that he might be better at signing them. What do you think?

Wow, it is freezing cold right now. This is when I start cringing about playing tennis so late in the winter -- much too cold!

Tonight I'm going to a Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley. It's another Family Promise that's starting up in the Pasadena area. They're just at the beginning and I guess I've been asked to go to help answer questions and stuff. I just hope it goes ok.

- Jenny, 12/02/2008 04:40:00 PM

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