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Monday, December 08, 2008

I spent a good portion of this weekend feeling ill. The weird thing is that I'm not quite sure what kind of ill...I just feel generally weak and, if I stand for a not unnatural length of time, I get this weird feeling in my stomach and I get flush on my cheeks and begin to feel faint. It's weird and, consequently, has made me not want to do anything. I think I'll email my doctor about it (to see if it's worthwhile to go in for a check-up, since I have to be choosey since I don't have insurance), but this morning I began wondering if maybe it was that my iron was too low.

I felt this way about a month or two ago for about a week or so, I think, and then it went away. Well, during that time I believe I started to eat more spinach and beans (unrelated to those symptoms). Unclear if I was eating more meat. However, if I think back to what I was eating this weekend, I don't think I was eating many iron-rich foods...mainly non-spinach salads and fruit. Looking at this website, I notice that I have a lot of those symptoms: lack of energy, weakness, pale skin, headaches, pale skin under the eyes, rapid heartbeat, disturbed sleep, abdominal pain.

My plan is to go to Target today to get a multi-vitamin loaded with iron, since in the times when I've gone to the store I can't seem to find an iron-specific one (I've known that I'm a bit lower on iron for a year or two now, in trying to give blood). And also email my doctor. But, I do believe that I've probably got anemia.

I cleaned the shower this morning right before taking my own shower, and now all I smell is bleach. In fact, it reminds me of the days when I belonged to the YMCA and swam in their pool.

I've been very proud of myself--the past two weeks my email inbox average has been steady around 50. With some work, perhaps I can get it down to 30-40.

- Jenny, 12/08/2008 08:59:00 AM

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