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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I figure I might as well end the year with a blog entry. I haven't been so good at maintaining regular entries in recent months, so I might as well capture the last moment of 2008.

Gavin and I came up late Tuesday night to his parents' house in Ojai. All day today we have been hanging out with his family. His mom's nephew and his family came out from DC and have been here the whole week. They leave tomorrow. Gavin's older sister Gretchen and her partner Louise are also in town from Connecticut/Rhode Island. They leave on Friday.

This morning we went on a morning hike/picnic/brunch. I went because everyone else was going, but I didn't have that great of a time. I hate hiking, pure and simple. I guess it wasn't that bad, but in the future, I think I'll pass on a hike picnic. After the hike, we came back and put together a shopping list for the store to prepare a birthday cake for Gretchen (born 1/3) as part of tonight's festivities. We went to the store and - lo and behold - I saw Ted Danson. I tell you, Ojai has been all about celebrity sightings this week. We came back and had lunch and Louise and I made a cake (something like a coconut lime cake that's some Malaysian recipe?), then we dashed off to Ventura to go and see the Milk movie. The second we got into the theatre, I realized that I was very, very, very tired. I managed to stay awake during the whole movie, telling myself that I could come back to the house and take a quick nap before the festivities started. However, upon arrival, it was discovered that some of the guests had already arrived. I have disappeared for just a few minutes because I need some downtime. There are supposedly many guests coming over (in addition to our already 11 regulars this week), so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about that. My favorite is to have a very low-key New Year's, so I suppose that's not happening this year, but traditions flex when you invite people into your lives. I suppose that during this time of feeling overwhelmed with all of the people around me, that I can look forward two days to know that soon I'll be able to have some quieter days ahead.

So, I have no idea what the new year holds--2009, what will you bring?

- Jenny, 12/31/2008 07:08:00 PM

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