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Thursday, November 06, 2008

This week I cleaned out my closet. It feels SO nice to have a clean closet. Anyway, I mention this because in my closet there is a shelf above the rack of clothes that can hold stuff. For the last 10 years or so, it was holding probably 10-15 shoeboxes full of letters. Well, letters and old pay stubs and notes I passed in high school and old drivers licenses and random pictures and other documents with my Social Security number on them. Boxes and boxes and boxes of this. I couldn't out-right throw out the boxes, in part because of the Social Security documents, but also because I recognized that I might want to keep some letters that mean something to me. So, I decided to go through each box, sifting through to see what needed to be kept, what needed to be shredded and what needed to be tossed. In the end, most of it got tossed (or shredded...I had nearly all of my bank statements from the 2002-2004 period). I now have one half-full shoebox with stuff in it.

It was sort of interesting (but mostly annoying) to have to sort through all of this stuff. There were some people who left me a bit surprised at their writing a handwritten note to me. There were others who I had a lot of correspondence with. There were some people who wrote so cryptically about whatever it is we were talking about, that I can't really figure out what the issue was. And then there were others, like this mystery girl named Christine Garrels, who wrote me it seems at the end of high school. Lots of long letters with extremely creative packaging. The sad thing is that I can't really remember who she is. I mean, if i think really hard, I think I can picture a girl with blond hair...shortish...but, really, it stops there. I can't remember if she was in my grade or if we had classes together or were in a club together, what she did after high school--none of that. It doesn't help that I have a poor memory. I mean, I assume that once I find my yearbooks, that I can look at her picture and some of this information might resurface, but right now it's this mystery. Christine Garrels, if you're out there, we should have a reunion! Contact me!

I think part of me is a bit anxious that I threw away all of this stuff, but right now there's a larger part of me that is so thankful to have reclaimed that space. I was hoping that I could move my suitcase up to that shelf, but it doesn't seem to want to fit up there. So right now it's a mostly blank space, holding some recent software buys and that one shoebox. And a laptop bag I'd like to get rid of.

Sigh. Well, I do believe that now I should set my face toward answering email. Then a half-day at the hospital this afternoon.

- Jenny, 11/06/2008 09:28:00 AM

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