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Monday, November 03, 2008

My handy dandy Blogger dashboard reports that I have done 1597 posts; this will be my 1598th post. I suppose if I had been better about blogging in the past few weeks, my number would far exceed 1600! Sadly, however, toward the end of the week I feel more stressed out to get all of my responsibilities done, so blogging goes by the wayside. Today, though, I have much more time to blog, since I'm ahead on my work. In that case, a recap:

New HaircutLast Wednesday I got my hair cut. The new cut is designed to allow me to grow it longer, if I want, which I think I do. I think that the haircut is just like every other haircut I get, but it occurred to me this morning that I might think that is so because I style it in the same fashion.

Thursday I worked at the hospital, then had a Family Promise meeting. I was not home for dinner, but they made dinner at home without me, including getting a package of those heat yourself flour tortillas from Costco that are just my favorite. They're always so light and warm. Much better than typical store tortillas. These tortillas have become my snack over the past few days.

Friday was Halloween. I worked at the other hospital and finished my work early, so I was able to leave early (by about an hour) because they had no more work for me. It is unclear to me if I will get credit for the hour I didn't work, even though it wasn't my fault that they didn't have anything. At any rate, I think I have decided that I will not work any Thursdays or Fridays for the hospital during December.

After work at the hospital, we gathered for dinner and handing out candy at my house. Joey & Carrie bought 200 pieces of candy and each one of them was given away. We get a lot of visitors. My favorite/most interesting costumes that came to the door were: a whoopee cushion and this kid who came to the door with regular clothes on. When I asked him what he was for Halloween, he said, "A bear." And I said, "No, really, what are you?" And he said, "A bear." One of the other children around him said that his costume got too hot, but part of me did not feel that I should give him candy, even though I did.

Saturday Gavin and I were going to go up to Ojai to spend the weekend with his parents, but ended up meeting them in the morning for a craft fair in Santa Monica that they always go to. Gavin does not like craft festivals (and so finds them boring), but I do like them and Gavin's mom also really likes them. I think Gavin's dad goes just for a ride in the car. Anyway, it was so curious to see that there were several vendors at the craft festival who know Gavin's mom by name. Understandable because they come to this particular show every year and because Gavin's mom is so spunky that she's hard to forget, but it still strikes me as remarkable for them to remember her. We stopped at this one booth where she has bought a scarf and a hat before, this woman who runs a business out of Pasadena called Dancing Threads, and I swear that I know the woman (and even she brought up that I looked familiar), but no matter how much I search my brain, I cannot place where I know her from. But I know I do. I suppose it is possible that she could have been one of my patients at the hospital, but somehow I don't think so.

Anyway, Saturday night Gavin and I stayed out of the rain by making a new recipe (good, but would have been better if we had cooked the chicken properly) and played a card game and watched a movie, which was not great.

Sunday I went to church and had a sort of personal revelation. I realized that I have been feeling generally overwhelmed with responsibilities and bored with life. This is, in part, why I've decided to not work Thursdays and Fridays for December at the hospital. Anyway, I need to look at what I'm doing and figure out how to reorganize my responsibilites so that it doesn't take over my life. I also decided that I haven't changed anything to my room in probably about 5-7 years, which is a long time. So, I decided to get new sheets and a new duvet cover (by the way, if the shopping center I went to is any sort of indication, I'm not sure how it is we're in a recession--the amount of people shopping on Sunday afternoon was akin to Christmas week). I also am going through every nook and cranny in my room to get rid of the things I really don't need that somehow I've managed to keep over the years. I also think that there's a 90% chance I'll paint my room. I also think I will take down and rearrange the artwork I have up in my room. I think and hope that my outlook will change if my physical surroundings change.

So today, in addition to doing work and trying to finish a DVD cover I'm doing for a freelance client, I am going to work at continuing to go through my room to get rid of the stuff I don't need, to make it more spacious and to give me the freedom to change things around if I want to.

Well, there you have it, me in a nutshell, basically. Tomorrow, of course, is voting day. I have wavered about whether or not I will vote, but I have decided that I will. So today I will also spend time reading through the propositions, I suppose. Then tomorrow I will vote, then I will go to Ben & Jerry's for free ice cream.

- Jenny, 11/03/2008 10:11:00 AM

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