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Friday, November 14, 2008

It has been a quiet week for me, posting-wise. This has been another busy, busy week where blogging necessarily has been put on the back-burner.

I can't even remember what it was at the beginning of the week that kept me so busy, but I know in the last couple of days my mind has been consumed with needing to write a new sermon for this Sunday, when I will preach at a church about an hour away. I was going to preach one of my already existing sermons but, due to a snafu where I didn't read the pastor's email super well, I now have to preach about one of the scriptures through the Lectionary. I was thinking of doing that anyway, since I am interested in writing sermons about the parables, and the gospel lesson is of the Parable of the Talents. Now, if you're not familiar with the Parable of the Talents, just know that it's an incredibly difficult parable to interpret. So, I've been working my way thinking through the text and have surfaced thinking about the parable in a way that is different from the traditional interpretation. Let's hope I can express that well as I attempt to write the sermon today.

Wednesday night Gavin and I went to a Bible Study at a church a block or so away from mine. Both of us thought it was fantastic and interesting. The theme of the lessons is unlearning what you've learned about the Old Testament. I'm almost certain that we'll go back.

Yesterday I worked at the hospital and it would have been helpful to know that it was the Great Southern California Shakeout. Basically, the hospital was out in full force for this disaster drill. It partnered with the high school next door, who had 300 students all pretend to have various diagnoses from the quake, and involved us setting up our triage tents and having people helicoptered in, etc., etc., etc. It was a big ordeal. So big that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself was about 10 feet away from me at one point, being briefed on how we handle disaster. I guess all in all it was a good thing to do and is pretty cool (how I would have loved to be one of those high school students!), but yesterday I was not in the mood for a high maintenance day. It didn't help that I felt sick for about half of the day.

So, here I am this morning. I called in sick to the hospital because I felt sick all last night and woke up feeling better, but not great (ie, I still have a headache). I decided that if I called in sick, I could rest and could work on my sermon for Sunday. Tonight I'll be going to a get-together with other Presbyterians who haven't found a job. I plan on making this salad, and am excited to see how it turns out. I just love fennel.

Well, best get back to resting and writing. Hope all is well.

- Jenny, 11/14/2008 07:48:00 AM

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