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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tonight I played tennis for the first time in a month. Well, actually, I played once or twice with the seniors, but that doesn't count because it's nowhere near the exertion of energy it takes to play Colander. We played one full set and one half set. I lost all but one game. In between the first and second set we chatted for a little bit and that was the death of me--stopping for about 20 or so minutes made my muscles get cold and made my lower back so sore...sore even to turn my trunk (which is necessary for playing tennis).

Gavin's dad lent me this book to read, The Friendly Persuasion. Apparently there is also a movie. He lent it to me because one of the main characters is a woman who is a Quaker preacher. I can't say it has been terribly interesting (although there was one particular exchange between the mom who is the preacher and her son about whether or not it is right to fight in war that I think I will reflect upon when I write my Goodreads review), but I can say that I am approximately 10 pages from finishing and have been so for at least one week now. Why haven't I finished it? Because I have lost the book. I'm just not sure where I put it and it does not help that the house is a complete disaster right now AND that I am also housesitting, so there are multiple places where it could be. Wish me luck in finding it.

Thursdays and Fridays in October and November I'm working at any one of three hospitals. I realized tonight when I was driving home from tennis that working two jobs in one week kinda feels like you have two Mondays. I think today felt long for me because it was the first day of my hospital week. I suppose the bonus is that tomorrow will feel like the second Friday in a week.

Tomorrow night I will be taking Gavin to go to an art exhibit at this stained glass studio I'm interested in. The exhibit doesn't appear to be about stained glass, but I am excited to at least visit this place and see what it's about. Later on in the month I'm going to go on a tour of their studio, which I find very exciting!

New Jersey next week!

- Jenny, 10/09/2008 10:33:00 PM

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