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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inadvertently went to bed late last night. Feeling sleepy this morning. And not super excited to get working on work.

Last night I decided to finish off the remaining 10 pages of The Friendly Persuasion. My review is the one close to the bottom of the page, marked with 2 stars. Of course, if you were my Goodreads friend (either via Goodreads or via Facebook), my little review would be delivered right to your email box.

I can only remember the vaguest sense right now, but I think last night my dreams consisted of somehow or other going through rooms of people's houses, like on a tour. It had a purpose, but that understanding is long-gone now.

Guess what! Tomorrow is my last day housesitting. I have been housesitting since the end of September, starting on the 24th. A whole month. This might have been my longest housesitting arrangement. The couple I am housesitting for went on a cruise from San Francisco to Australia. I get their email updates and there are a lot of: "Another full day at sea. Jim walked his normal 3 miles around the deck, while Sharon participated in a craft class." Anyway, although it's fairly pleasant to housesit for these people, since the work is not complicated, it's also an exciting feeling to know that I'll be done!

I am very sneezy this morning.

This year I really wanted to carve a pumpkin. It hasn't happened yet. No one around me feels this impetus so, although I don't need other people to accomplish this, I also don't have as much motivation to do it. Maybe when I go over to Gavin's for dinner tonight, I can make this our activity this evening. Tonight I'm making dinner, and have decided to make a butternut squash soup with a side of green beans, since Carrie had some green beans last night at the Outback that were just so delicious.

Finally, I give you this video about the worst best man ever.

- Jenny, 10/28/2008 07:15:00 AM

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