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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

So, tomorrow is the big 3-0. Let it be stated that today I feel no anguish about this fact. I have no grand plans to celebrate tomorrow. My monthly Family Promise meeting is that day, so I have decided to go to that and think that my family will celebrate instead on Friday night.

As you know, I will be going to NJ in October for a conference for Family Promise. I'm excited a.) because I really think that Family Promise is one of the most worthwhile things I'm doing with my life right now, but also b.) because I'm excited to go back to NJ and spend some time with my friends there and re-experiencing the fall and stuff. I've signed up with Kayak to get daily alerts about the cost of my (anticipated) flight. Originally it was about $420, but then it went down to $389 and then within a day or two went back up to $420. I was just about resigned to purchase my ticket when I saw this morning that it has gone down again, back to $389. I think now is the time to buy. Now I just have to figure out if the timeframe that I've chosen is really good (Weds. - Mon.), or if I should tack on an additional day or two with the intention to go up and visit MLE and her fam, which is very appealing (and maybe make it Mon. - Mon.). The tricky part is that I will be housesitting during this time (for like the entire month of October) and the people are OK with me going (it makes it cheaper for them because they can get their son to come by and water the plants while I'm gone), but I originally told them only 5 days.

One of the things that I'm planning on doing while I'm there is going to hear Selected Shorts in NYC. Selected Shorts is one of my new favorite podcasts. The format of the hour-long podcast is that two or three short stories are read by someone with some amount of dramatic flair. Usually the stories fit with some sort of theme. The theme for the Wednesday that I will be there is: Three storytellers take on the competitive, convivial, pleasurable, cramped, fun, and stressful world of work. Dark and funny tales that will have you laughing uproariously, by Joshua Ferris (Then We Came to the End), Lydia Davis, and T.C. Boyle. Emily has agreed to come with me and I think it'll be a fun night.

In completely other news, I find it entirely frustrating that the scroll wheel on my mouse at work has all of a sudden stopped being able to scroll down. However, it still works if you want to scroll up. Weird. Even still, I hope they let me keep my computer when I move downstairs to a different part of the company for a three day a week job, which starts next week.

- Jenny, 9/03/2008 08:15:00 AM

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