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Monday, September 15, 2008

Quick post before I finish getting ready for work and head out for a meeting in the office.

This weekend was good, but busy and relatively locally-focused. Saturday I did a bit more house cleaning here and there, but mostly enjoyed a pretty cool day. First, I watched a bit of the movie IQ, which was fun because it was filmed in Princeton, so it allowed me to reminisce. Then I hung out with Carrie for a good portion of the day. First we went to the Farmer's Market and got some produce for the week.

Then we went to my old high school to take a tour of it. The weekend was the high school's centennial and they had all sorts of stuff to commemorate the occasion, including tours of the school. Why would I want to go on a tour of the school, since I "toured" it for 4 years, day in and day out??? Well, you see, they totally demolished the entire school (save one building) about seven years after I've graduated. I've since been very curious to see what it's like on the inside. And, for those curious, it is a very, very, very nice school now. Those kids are lucky. Carrie and I were at least 30 years younger than the others in our tour group (which meant that walking around the school took forever). Best quote of the day was when we went to the cooking/home ec room. One of the women on the tour (class of '58) asked the teacher, "Do you give school credit to the boys who take the class?" Incredible.

Then after lunch, Carrie and I went on a hike in the Hollywood Hills to see the Hollywood sign. She was telling me about a cool place I could take my Scottish friends and so we scoped it out. It was a nice hike. Had it been clear instead of hazy, it also would have been a spectacular view! On our way home we stopped by a pecan brittle place in Burbank that Carrie has always wondered about. If you want to know more about our visit, you can go to Carrie's review (linked above), but all you really need to know is that the pecan brittle is delicious, but sent me into sugar overload after having sampled a few different pieces before settling on White Chocolate Pecan Brittle.

I came home and tried to shake off the sugar overload by taking a shower and napping, but neither really worked too well because I had a massive headache the whole night long. But, I perked up a bit when Gavin came over to help me welcome Simon and Justin. Finally, at around the time I guessed, Simon and Justin arrived from their long flight from Scotland. We sat and talked for a bit, then we took them to Target, since they both had some items to pick up (poor Justin had his bags lost!).

Sunday morning Gavin and I woke up early and made them an American breakfast of pancakes, bacon, fruit and orange juice. We talked a bit more, then they headed off to Magic Mountain--Justin loves rollercoasters and Simon has never been on one. If you're curious about Simon's review, you can read about it here on his blog. They'll be visiting Palm Springs and San Diego and then will return back up to Los Angeles tomorrow night (if all goes smoothly).

Then I went to church and, to my surprise, NBC was there filming because my pastor was saying something about the Metrolink Chatsworth train crash. NBC's camera was situated by where I sit at church and, so I hear, when we had our moment of silence for those involved, the camera focused on me and this other guy. Which is weird not only because I'm not sure what I think of myself being recorded in a moment of silence, but that others during the moment of silence were looking. Anyway, later on that day I heard that it wasn't set to be on NBC local but NBC national. I sure do hope they picked the other guy to show--I had on absolutely no makeup that morning. Even with makeup on I look washed out...

Then I went to a meeting then came home and relaxed a bit before going out to play softball. We all made a ton of mistakes and, consequently, lost the game by a gazillion. After the second inning (we only played 3 to my recollection), I think, the umpire stopped counting the other team's runs. That's how badly we lost. But at the very end I had a great hit as my second at-bat for the game, and losing to this team was much more pleasant than losing to that one team who wore pink shirts and called themselves the Unicorns.

All in all, a full weekend.

OK, time to get ready to go in to work. Hope you all have a good day!

- Jenny, 9/15/2008 09:13:00 AM

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