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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Phew. Big day yesterday.

My Scottish friends Simon and Justin were visiting and yesterday was the day where we "did" LA. Simon & Justin were interested in seeing LA landmarks as well as eating delicious American food. What is American food, you ask? Simple--it's anything that is bad for you: ribs, hamburgers, milkshakes, Oreo cookies, cupcakes, donuts, etc. So, although I ate horribly yesterday, at least we were very active. And, the big surprise was that Gavin took the day off of work to join us!

It started out in the morning, when we left to get donuts. Then we drove up Mulholland to do a hike to see the Hollywood sign. Then we went down into Hollywood to go to Hollywood & Highland so that they could see Hollywood Blvd., the stars on the ground, Mann's Chinese Theatre, etc. From there we took the Metro into downtown LA and walked through the skyscrapers and had an authentic taco lunch at Grand Central Market. From there we walked and saw City Hall, the LA Cathedral and the music centers of LA, including Walt Disney Concert Hall. Then we walked back to the Metro and found my car and then drove along Sunset Blvd., into Beverly Hills. We parked and got cupcakes and then walked along Rodeo Dr. From there we got back in the car, drove along Wilshire to Santa Monica, where we walked down 3rd Street Promenade and along the Santa Monica Pier. The weather at the beach felt spectacular after having been walking around in the downtown area where it was a not-too-bad-but-maybe-too-hot-to-be-walking 80F. Then, Simon & Justin experienced LA traffic as we drove back to my house. Once we got back home, there was some TV watching of the good ol' American show called Wipeout while we all freshened up before going out for ribs that evening. Then, upon returning home from dinner, there was a little Rock Band action (to Gavin's delight). I was exhausted that night and had no trouble getting to sleep.

All in all, a good day. Now it's back to work today, since I switched my day off to be yesterday.

- Jenny, 9/18/2008 10:09:00 AM

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