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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I just had a conversation with two girls from my office by my cube! Of all of the girls in the company, these two I like the most, so it was really fun for this to just happen spontaneously around my desk. Too bad this is my last week. I mean, I guess it's not my *last* week, since I will be continuing on for the next month three days a week, but I'll be located in a different part of the company, so...oh well.

My weekend was good, even though there were some not as good points. I was just in a cranky mood a lot of the time (poor Gavin--he tried his hardest to make everything work), so some of the weekend was ruined by my bad attitude. We didn't end up going to Santa Barbara. Instead, we stayed the weekend at his parents' house and I had the opportunity to hang out with his mom a lot, which was very nice because I really enjoy her.

I suppose I should actually get to work, now that everyone's showing up.

- Jenny, 9/02/2008 08:58:00 AM

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