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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I had a breakthrough in my working from home yesterday. The woman I'm working with is fairly picky and it usually takes forever to get from initial design to finished page. It is not uncommon, for instance, to have 8+ revisions. Yesterday morning I worked on a design and it was approved (her only one change was to move something up) and finished by the end of the day. Like completely done--so done this morning I have to start on a totally new design.

I do have some bad news--I'm being overtaken by email. Yesterday at one point in the evening I had 70+ emails in my inbox. I've managed to get it down to 51, but it will be a difficult battle to get it down to 0, which is my ultimate goal. Even if I could get it down to 20, I'd be so happy.

This morning I also spilled a whole container of blueberries on the floor. I can't tell you how sad I was to see that go.

Last night if you were here, you'd have laughed at me. After I got home from dinner with Tiffany, I decided that I'd like to call Gavin, so I went into my room, turned on the light switch -- and freaked out. All of a sudden I heard this loud screeching and there was some large object that fell from the ceiling fan to the floor. I didn't catch what it was because I was too busy screaming and running out of the room. It turns out that Joey and Carrie thought it would be hilarious if they put this stuffed monkey that makes a screeching sound on my ceiling fan and rigged it to make the whole scene take place. I was so frightened. They, on the other hand, were delighted with my response.

Carrie also notified me by sending me this article to let me know that Los Angeles and I share the same birthday, albeit Los Angeles is a lot older than me.

In the next couple of days (if I can get my act in order), I'll be printing up some cards with my paintings on 6 different designs. I'm excited about it!

- Jenny, 9/10/2008 07:47:00 AM

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