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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hm, well, it appears that I have not blogged since Wednesday. I could have sworn I blogged on Thursday, but I guess I did not make it around to it. Here's a little re-cap of my days:

Worked for the first time all summer at the hospital in Burbank. Had a great time seeing all of my old co-workers. Had an OK day being chaplain. Worst part of the day was visiting a family who was losing a young man to...something, I don't know what. When I asked if they might want a prayer (they had made some tough decisions), they asked me my religion and said, "No, I don't think so. We're Evangelical Christians, so we believe that Jesus died for our sins. We'll just pray on our own." It was quite frustrating to me because a.) they never stopped to inquire if that's also what I believed and, b.) I found it frustrating to see a family going through tragic and traumatic events purposefully isolating themselves. Then, Thursday night Gavin came up and we went out to dinner to celebrate his birthday weekend. I took him to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Burbank and then he opened his birthday present* and I guess we watched TV that evening.

Gavin took the day off, so we went to have a light breakfast in Burbank at Porto's before heading up to Ventura/Ojai to spend the weekend with his family. Gavin's dad's office is in Ventura and his office neighbor is also a lawyer, so we were meeting up for a Friday afternoon lunch before heading to Ojai. On the way there we encountered some traffic. Once it cleared, I was driving in the middle lane (I think there was one lane to my right and two to my left) and I was driving about 60. All of a sudden, this person in a red truck cut me off (actually, it was fairly dangerous) and then, as he drove forward, he made sure to demonstrate to me, holding up a 6 and then a 5 with his hands that I was to be driving 65. I found this to be very off-putting and it really angered me. I really didn't feel like I deserved this "lesson." I was driving safely and in one of the right lanes and know that 65 is the LIMIT, not the minimum. Argh. I ended up being upset about this for at least a whole day because I really felt it was uncalled for. Anyway, after lunch, Gavin and I went back to his parents' house and watched a movie until they got home. Once they got home, we played some games and had some dinner and it was a nice time.

Saturday morning Gavin's dad drove us back into Ventura to go to the Farmers' Market to get produce for Gavin's birthday dinner, which we were having that night. At the Farmers' Market there happened to be a balloon animal maker, so Gavin's mom had him make Gavin a dragon for his birthday. It ended up being very cool. Then we got some to-go burritos from a local eatery and went up to the top of some hill in Ventura to eat them, even though it was a somewhat cloudy day. Then, we went back to their house and hung out, playing games, until dinner time, when we had Gavin's official birthday dinner.

At the Farmers' Market in Ventura on Saturday, Gavin was hoping to get some good nectarines, a hope at having the last good dregs of the season. It turned out that the nectarines (or were they peaches?) we got were not good at all. So, after a lovely morning breakfast prepared by Gavin's mom, Gavin, his mom and I went to the Ojai Farmers' Market to see if we could find any there. Turns out that I don't think there was even one vendor who was selling any nectarines or peaches. Maybe this means summer is officially over. After going to the Farmers' Market, we poked around the cute little Ojai town center and then made our way back to his parents' house and, after lunch, drove back to Burbank. That night, we had dinner (and ice cream!) with my family and then watched a couple of episodes of LOST.

All in all, a good, relaxing weekend. The good news is that I am almost finished with the changes on that baby website, but I am about as busy as can be. October looks to be a bit rough...

*Gavin's birthday was actually on Sunday, but since I had painted him four different paintings, I allowed him to open one each day. I scanned them in before I got them framed, but the scans ended up being something awful. So, I have charged him with taking pictures of them framed so that you can see how they turned out.

- Jenny, 9/29/2008 10:05:00 AM

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