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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Day 1 of working from home went great! I mean, there were some initial hiccups with answering email remotely and stuff like that, but it all worked out and I think working this way works well for me. In between waiting for my boss to respond to my emails, I painted. Today I plan on doing laundry and light cleaning in my downtimes.

Last night I had a scare. Gavin and I agreed that after work we'd meet up at his place and have dinner together. Gavin usually gets home around 4:30-ish, I think, so that's about the time I arrived. But Gavin wasn't there. I called his cell, no answer. I called his work, no answer. This went on for the next hour. Very concerned, I called both his mom and his sister to see if they had heard from him because he talks with them daily, but they hadn't heard anything from him that afternoon. Having worked in a trauma hospital, I know the whole breadth of what can happen when one is walking down the street (Gavin walks home from work). I imagined he was walking down the street, listening to his podcasts on his noise-reducing headphones and, as he was crossing the street, some car came and hit him dead. Or, maybe he wasn't dead, but intubated in the hospital where there was no caring chaplain or social worker determined to figure out who he was and contact his loved ones. But then I started thinking that what if he took the subway home, which would have gotten him home probably around 3:30 or 4 p.m. Then, what if he had a heart attack in his apartment and, since it was locked, the only way I would have known is if I would have stayed there for three days and finally smelt the stench of decomposed body. None of these thoughts made me feel particularly good. Thankfully, at around 5:30 Gavin called. It turns out he wasn't dead--he was just in court all day long trying to put this one guy in jail. I tell you, it was scary business.

- Jenny, 9/09/2008 07:59:00 AM

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