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Friday, August 22, 2008

Today is a day where I would have taken it off sick (if I had that luxury). Being a contractor, I don't get paid for any sick or vacation days. Yesterday I think I mentioned that my throat was sore. That continues on today, along with a little congestion, occasional sneezes and an overall slight soreness. Actually, in talking with Gavin at lunch yesterday, I realized that I'm not sure if my condition is due to a cold or due to those dreaded end-of-summer allergies that I get. Either way, I don't feel my best. This is not to say that I feel so incredibly sick...just slight enough to be aware that I'm not at optimum (or even normal) health levels.

Although I'm already in at work today, I have been thinking this morning that I might take the afternoon off to spend some time resting, especially because this will be a busy weekend for me. The reason why I will stay until the afternoon is because every Friday we have free lunch at my company. The thing is that today El Cholo is catering the lunch. El Cholo is one of my more favorite Mexican restaurants (it might be 2nd on my list). So if I stay until at least then, I make money AND get free food. I just have to make it to that time. The more and more I think about going home due to sickness, the more and more convinced I am that it is a good idea and that perhaps I should not wait for lunch (despite my longing for it). Maybe I can convince Gavin to take me there for dinner sometime soon, since he only lives about three miles from their LA location.

Last night I played Colander in tennis. Although he beats me every time (with ease), I really do enjoy playing with him. A few games into the second set we stopped playing because I was not feeling well. We ended up spending a good chunk of time talking about, among other things, soap. For any who would have doubted this fact, Colander can hold his own in a conversation about soap.

Since I've alluded to it, here are my plans for the weekend. Tomorrow I will go with Carrie to pick up her wedding dress. Early Sunday morning, Gavin and I will drive down to attend my family's reunion. The reunion actually takes place on both Saturday and Sunday, but it seems like a bit much to go down for both days. Gas and all. Sunday's the more formed reunion day, so we will go to that, probably all day long.

- Jenny, 8/22/2008 08:19:00 AM

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