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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This past Saturday while Carrie and I were on her wedding dress extravaganza, I convinced her to go to the beauty supply store with me to pick up this hair wax that I put in my hair to help it stay put. Long story short, I accidentally left my old wax one in my car all day on Friday and, needless to say, my car smelt great upon my return but I no longer had my tube of wax. Anyway, so Carrie and I went to the store and I figured that while I was there I could also buy some conditioner. The thing is that my hair, being super fine and wavy (with a mind of its own!), does not react well with a lot of hair products. I've found this one conditioner that seems to condition well, so I decided to buy some of that while I was there. When I arrived at the counter to check out with my products, the girl behind the counter looked at my conditioner and she asked if she could show me a different product that might be better on my hair. Intrigued, I ended up buying the travel size of their shampoo and conditioner instead of my favored conditioner and was excited to try these new products out. This morning I am pleased to tell you that I bought the travel size. After using this new product for three days, I am confidently saying that I really dislike how it reacts with my hair. Now I just have to make time to go and buy what I wanted to buy in the first place.

Also, I have good news. This past week I realized my usual Motown "Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning, I'm glad everyone's here, you all are so beautiful" train driver was not driving the 7:09 a.m. train. In fact, I also noticed that sometimes when I rode the train home in the afternoon that there was a computerized announcement. I feared that the train driver was fired or something. But this morning he was back, so he must have been on vacation.

There is yet a week and two days before Tracey, Tony and I all have our birthdays. All my life I had never met anyone with my same birthday and then I go to Princeton and meet two others, one (Tracey) even born in the very same year! Tony has yet a few years to go before he turns the big 3-0. Tracey and I will embrace it. Right, Tracey?

- Jenny, 8/26/2008 08:26:00 AM

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