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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sorry for the sparse post yesterday. I wasn't bored anymore, but I also didn't feel like I had very much to say. Perhaps it was residual boredom. However, yesterday I managed to entertain myself in a number of ways.

First off, I found a new podcast to listen to at work.* And do I love it! It's called The Splendid Table and the host talks about food. Sounds kind of boring to me, but actually I found it quite interesting. BUT! What I found to be the best thing about this podcast was that at the end she takes listener's calls. This one lady called in about how to make a lemon sauce for pasta. I LOVE PASTA WITH LEMON SAUCE! And, lemon sauce is so rare. So, the host gave her an idea of how to do it. I decided to go home and try it out because it was so simple (I did it from memory--let me know if you're interested in the recipe!) and it was delicious! AND super cheap. Now, to keep myself from being bored at work, I am going to listen to back issues of this podcast.

Last night I also played tennis with Colander. I did not stretch properly before our match, which ended up being problematic in the end, since my back started hurting. In general, I think I am twisting wrong or something because I have this pain in my right lower back. I have been meaning to do yoga to try to work it out, but I am few and far inbetween with actually doing the yoga. Maybe if I were in a yoga class I'd be more likely to do it. For those curious about how I played with Colander, I lost (as per usual). However, my groundstrokes (for once) were fantastic. Too bad that Colander kept on hitting balls either really short on on the line.

Yesterday I got my latest copy of InSpire Magazine, which is the alumni magazine of Princeton Theological Seminary. I grabbed it to read on the train. As I was heading out of the door and getting to my car, I looked at the cover and thought, "Wow, I know that guy!" And then I realized, "Wait, this is an alumni magazine. Of course I know that person." As I was reading it on the train, I was coming to the realization that other people's lives are considerably much more interesting than my own.

Yet, I am proud of myself. For the past two nights IN A ROW, my email inbox has been less than 40 (at 39 messages). This is a huge accomplishment because lately my inbox has been out of control at 55+ emails. Now if only I could respond to my Facebook messages, which sit in my email inbox as a reminder that I need to respond, I could potentially get to below 30 messages (which would be heavenly).

* Sometimes at work I listen to Pandora, but other times I listen to various podcasts. The problem is, however, that by the end of Monday, I've usually breezed through them all!

- Jenny, 8/28/2008 08:15:00 AM

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