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Monday, August 11, 2008

Last night I was trying to be a disciplined person by working on the finished painting of the holy family for Glenmary. This included studying face profiles very, very intently. I have not really drawn people for quite some time, especially from imagination, so this task feels difficult for me. However, I drew the holy family twice last night and painted one (mostly, I have finishing details tonight), and I think I'm pleased with where this is going.

While I was drawing and painting, I was watching the Olympics. I quite liked watching the men's synchronized diving and the men's team gymnastics. Watching the Olympics also brought back Olympic memories from my childhood:

- I used to gather all of the pillows from around the house and place them on the floor of our living room. Then, I'd prance around and pretend that I was doing the floor exercises. When that got boring, I'd twirl around and pretend to be doing rhythmic gymnastics.

- I watched the movie Nadia all the time. Yet, I only remembered this the other day when Terrence mentioned the movie in response to his Olympic-themed movie night. I LOVED Nadia and her story, so I'd act out scenes from the movie. This includes this scene where Nadia tries to commit suicide (or maybe it's an accident? ...I don't remember) by drinking bleach. So, I'd get a mug from the kitchen, pour myself some lemonade and then pretend that I also was about to die. I know, I know, I was a very weird kid.

- In the summertime, Joey and I lived in my grandparents' pool (well, it might be that I lived in their pool and that Joey occasionally swam there). Danny and David, my cousins, would also come over often to swim with us. One of the many games we played was called Olympics. I'm not sure entirely of what the game entailed, but I think it involved many little games. Danny, do you recall what we did?

- Jenny, 8/11/2008 10:02:00 PM

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