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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I remember that I had a weird dream last night, but I do not remember what made it weird, so I cannot possibly share that here. I also am not sure if the nectarine I am eating is good, or if it tastes like nail polish remover. You'd think that would be an easy distinction to make, but not so much.

This week my cousins Keana and Leila have started school. Keana is now in the 3rd grade and Leila is starting kindergarten. My aunt Sally sent a brief email with this update (and what their teachers are like, etc.) and also sent along pictures. You can see Keana here and Leila here. (Apparently their haircuts are inspired by Hannah Montana.) My aunt suggested those on the email send a congratulatory email to Leila, but I decided instead to send a card to each, since I think kids might think it to be infinitely cooler to get something in the mail. (Mostly because I think it's infinitely cooler to get something in the mail.) So, I took the pictures that were sent to me and I knocked out the background and created Leila's card and Keana's card. Simple, really. But hopefully they will love it.

Last night I started planning a trip back to NJ for a Family Promise conference. I'm excited to go to the conference, but I'm also very excited to go back to New Jersey and spend some time. I still have some friends located there (and I'm super excited to see them!), but I also really miss the feel of living on the east coast. Although I love being home in California, I most definitely find myself missing New Jersey a fair amount of time. I suppose that's the danger with living in two different places.

Wow, everyone is coming in early today at work. There goes my quiet morning!

As many of you know, I turn 30 next month. Last night over dinner, Carrie challenged me to celebrate my 30th birthday each day in September, since September has 30 days. i told her I wouldn't even know where to begin! So, my dear readers, any suggestions on how I could celebrate my 30th birthday throughout the month of September?

- Jenny, 8/20/2008 08:16:00 AM

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