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Monday, August 25, 2008

I ended up being sick for most of the weekend. I might still be a little sick now, but I feel a lot better. However, I'm beginning to wonder if the rest of the company is sick or if we have a holiday I don't know about. Sure it's only 8 a.m., but I've been here for the past 45 minutes (or so) and haven't seen a soul! If it gets to 10 and no one is still here, I'm going home. Oh, wait. I think I hear voices.

On Friday I ended up going home virtually right after I posted my blog. I had phases where I felt ok to phases where I felt miserable (so I'd lie down and take a nap). Friday night I spent time with Gavin and introduced him to the card game Guillotine, which he loved (even if I beat him 2/3 times). Saturday I went with Carrie to pick up her wedding dress, which is beautiful and looks spectacular on her. The rest of Saturday I alternately tried to clean while also trying to rest because I was still feeling pretty bad that day. Sunday morning I woke up, made Joey, Carrie and Gavin some blueberry cornmeal pancakes and then we drove down to San Diego for my family reunion. The drive down was very easy and the weather felt so nice down at my aunt's house. I felt fairly fine down there and fortified myself mostly with this dip that my second cousins made that involved mixing Trader Joe's salsa, corn salsa and a can of refried beans. I don't know if I have ever tasted anything so delicious in my life.

It was great being down there and seeing family. We got home late last night, so I'm a little sleepy this morning (and feeling still on the edge of sickness). I've got a full day of work today (well, I don't know if it's *full*) and then I have go to home tonight and do some freelance work. Two more weeks left of this job. And, my birthday is in less than two weeks! The time is going fast!

- Jenny, 8/25/2008 07:55:00 AM

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