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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Today before I get to work, I'd like to talk briefly about two things: perfume and shaving cream.

a.) Perfume.
I don't know when it started, but I have developed an "allergy" (not sure if it's a true allergy) wherein if someone around me is wearing excessive amounts of perfume, I develop a very strong, pounding headache. This is why I don't wear perfume. I was wearing perfume for awhile in college/post-college until I put 2 and 2 together. I can stand a little scent, but I cannot stand it when someone wears a lot and is by me. This was problematic for me yesterday on the train ride home. I managed to secure a seat (which is becoming increasingly rare on the train, since so many people have been using it) and mid-ride a woman came and sat down next to me and seemed like she had put on the full bottle. I mention this to you, my adoring public, as a way for you to be thoughtful about how you apply your scent. Please, for those of us like me, apply your scent more lightly.

b.) Shaving Cream
Last night while we were warming up for our softball game, I was talking with Colander. I forget how it exactly came up, but he mentioned that he used the cheapest shaving cream in the stores, to which I replied, "Barbasol?" See, the thing is that I have decided for awhile now that I much prefer shaving cream to shaving gel. Shaving gel is not where it's at, even though most women's shaving products are shaving gel. I think shaving cream coats thicker and stays on better. Period. Anyway, so within this year I was at the store and I needed to buy some more shaving cream. I picked up a women's shaving cream off of the shelf and paused right before I put it into my basket. I paused because I noticed that it was 3x the cost of Barbasol AND didn't even have as many ounces as Barbasol. Figuring that there was no difference between the two, other than the pretty can and the fruity scent, I bought Barbasol. What I have found is that Barbasol is not only cheaper and not only gives you more, but (!) is a WAY better product. I mention this to you, my adoring public, as a future product consideration to save you money and give you a better shave.

- Jenny, 7/08/2008 08:38:00 AM

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