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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The other day I was lent a book by someone at work. It was because we were eating lunch at the same table a week or two ago and we started up a conversation and he told me what he was reading and I took interest in it and, a few days later, he dropped off the book at my desk for my reading. I suppose this is all very nice and stuff (and it is), but I generally haven't enjoyed the book. Fortunately it was relatively short (only 180-ish pages), so I've now completed it and will return it to him at some point today. Then comes the sticky part when he asks me what I thought of to be truthful, yet delicate.

I played tennis on the clay last night with Colander. We haven't played on the clay too often, so when I was out there last night I had to figure out how to maintain my footing and stuff while chasing the balls he expertly hits where I am not at on the court. Sometimes I have these great shots, but mostly it is no surprise that I lose to Colander each and every time we play.

LinkedIn. Really, what I am supposed to do with this? I've been getting LinkedIn invitations left and right lately and I guess I'm not really sure why I'm even on LinkedIn. I'd rather network socially on something more social and intuitive.

- Jenny, 7/17/2008 08:43:00 AM

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