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Monday, July 07, 2008

I'm having a difficult time getting started this morning. I went to bed at a proper time and yet my body is rebelling about having to be up and about so early.

My extended weekend was good. All day Friday I kept on thinking it was Saturday, which was magical because it wasn't even Saturday. I went to Terrence's for a late afternoon/early evening party for the 4th, which was fun. Then we (Gavin, Joey, Carrie & myself) went home and sat out on the bike path and watched the Starlight Bowl fireworks, which was fun. Saturday felt like it was not much. Gavin and I went to the Farmer's Market, where I bought baby arugula from the lettuce guy for the first time ever (usually I get another salad mix from him) and it was AMAZING. I am only sad that I bought a 1/4 pound. Then we went to Costco. Then Gavin went home and I sat around for what felt like (and probably was) hours and didn't do anything. Then I went swimming with my family at my Uncle's house. Then I came back home and talked on the phone a little bit and watched this movie called Charlie Bartlett, which I give an "eh" to. Sunday I woke up and went to a different church in Burbank to help spread the word about Family Promise. After that, I went out to lunch with the new interns at my church who currently go to Princeton, so we met up and ate together and talked about Princeton stuff, which was really, really fun. Sometimes I really miss that place and time. Then, the best part of the weekend was that I took Gavin out on a date on Sunday evening. Gavin is a little bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to me suggesting something for us to do (yet he seems to always enjoy himself), but I suggested we go to Newport Beach and walk around Balboa Island and have dinner there and it was such a fun time.

I've finally been given my new computer at work. It is an iMac and HUGE. It's very nice, but there's some weird attitudes at this company about putting Microsoft Office on a Mac here, which makes me roll my eyes just a little bit. In order to use Microsoft Office, I have to start virtual PC and log in in order to read or create any Office document. The new "solution" to me saying that this is a bit ridiculous is not to get Office for Mac, but instead to have me read and answer my email on Outlook through the Virtual PC. Interesting.

- Jenny, 7/07/2008 08:27:00 AM

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