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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

(if you're tuning in late, my earthquake story is the post below!) Last night I went to bed thinking that perhaps my calf muscles were a little sore. This morning I woke up and realized that my calf muscles and my thighs are indeed very sore, and not just a little. Who knew going down the stairs would be such an exertion?

Tonight I'll be going to the Glendale Center Theatre to see Brigadoon, which I am totally unfamiliar with but am extremely hopeful for because of my love for Scotland. A friend of mine is in the play, so Gavin and I will go and watch it. Something fun and different. Unfortunately because I'm going to this tonight and because I have a meeting about Family Promise tomorrow night, this means that I will not get to play tennis this week. Oh well.

Yesterday Gavin asked me if it was weird thinking that I only have a week and a half left of work. I guess I don't realize that it's so soon. I feel like I have more work than ever. But, really, I think it'll be nice to have some time off again while I look for another job. It'll allow me to get MLE's logo finished, to paint more pictures for the Catholics and to work on a DVD cover for the mental health site.

Also, for those interested, Gavin's friend's wife is finished with the pictures she took of Gavin and I (please note that engagement session is in quotes...we are not engaged). There are a few that I like (I think my favorite is this one, which I really like), but I think they might be too posed (I tend to look uncomfortable in any posed pictures). And I'm not sure if I like the extreme contrast on the photos. I mean, I like it on the other photosets that she's done (those pictures of that baby on her homepage are great!), but I think if I really analyze it, it might be that don't like the color it makes my skin and hair. Nonetheless, it was neat to meat Gavin's friends and now to have more pictures of us together.

- Jenny, 7/30/2008 08:37:00 AM

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