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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ah, finally the end of the week. I read somewhere that you should never be wishing for the end of the week because you should be more appreciative of the moments in the present in which you live, but at least for this week, I'm glad it's almost over.

I forgot to blog about a wedding gift I gave two nights ago. Normally, I really enjoy going into the store and shopping with the registry, picking out my gift then and there, then coming home and wrapping it. However, I'm going to a wedding on a boat in September (I am so excited about it!) and guests are not permitted to bring wrapped presents aboard the ship. So I decided to shop for the gift online (I think Gavin must be eternally grateful for this, as he has accompanied me twice now to buy a registry present and twice now he has asked me why I don't buy the gift online...I guess he must not understand that I enjoy shopping for registry gifts). I ended up buying them some knives that I thought looked pretty cool. On the order page of Macy's, you can submit a message of 60 characters to the couple. I was trying to figure out the best use for those 60 characters and I ended up writing this: "Do not use these to stab each other." (clicking on the link will show you a screenshot)

Last night I got my hair cut. When it's shorter I have to get it cut more often because it starts driving me crazy. When I was at the haircutter's last night, I thought nothing of my new cut. Later on, just before I played tennis, I looked in the mirror and all of a sudden realized that it is super short, much shorter than I think I really wanted.

Every Friday my company has a free lunch in our cafeteria. It's catered and usually pretty good. Among today's offerings, there will be mahi mahi fish. I would love to love fish, but I just can't because I really dislike the flavor. However, I've heard enough about how good mahi mahi is (quote Colander: "A fish so good they named it twice."), so I'm determined to try it. Wish me luck.

- Jenny, 7/25/2008 08:32:00 AM

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