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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well, I should be getting some beauty sleep for my first day tomorrow, but I thought I'd write a quick blog to give you the latest scoop:

a.) Late last week I learned the solution that will solve all of my hiccup woes! I get hiccups badly and they have been known to go on beyond ten minutes for me. So I was at the hospital on Friday and I got the hiccups and early on (within the first minute of getting them) I lamented about them to Sr. Teresa. She told me to swallow two sugar packets. I balked about it at first but then tried it and found that my hiccups ceased INSTANTLY! Try it, unless you're diabetic. Then you might want to try artificial sweetener. She thinks it has to do with the sugar changing the Ph of your insides or whatever.

b.) Gavin's plane landed very late on Friday night because it was delayed for forever. This meant that the small chance I had of seeing him on Friday night was dashed and that I wouldn't see him until Sunday evening at the earliest because he had plans to go up to Ojai this weekend to visit his parents. Well, Saturday morning there was a knock on the door at 8 a.m. I was the only one home, so I began wondering who would even be knocking on our door at 8 a.m. on a Saturday. Sacrilege. Then! I thought to myself, "Maybe it's Gavin! When he goes up to Ojai, he leaves early. Maybe he decided to stop off at my house on the way (even though it's not on the way) to say hi!" So I rise from bed, in my PJs and with my hair all disheveled. I make my way to the front door and open it with gusto only to find ------- Joey's co-worker Matt. I think I looked at him with shock and horror. And grave disappointment. He had come over to drop stuff off for Joey.

Fortunate for me, Gavin did call me about an hour or so later to see if he could come over before going to Ojai so that we could go on a morning walk. I'm very glad that he did because it was wonderful to see him!

c.) My first day on the job is tomorrow. I am nervous and, wouldn't you know it, developing a zit right above my lip and beneath my nose. I imagine tomorrow it'll be all red and shiny just in time for my badge picture.

d.) I was very proud of myself last night. When returning late from the Church Basement Roadshow, I discovered that not one but TWO loads of my laundry were piled on my bed. Normally, I'd just push them to the ground because I'd be too tired and then leave them there indefinitely until I had the gumption to do something with them (which I never do because I hate putting away laundry). However, last night I decided to be an adult about the situation and actually folded most of the clothes, leaving the stuff to hang up for another day and a pile of my socks/underwear on my dresser to fold and put away for later.

- Jenny, 6/15/2008 11:14:00 PM

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