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Friday, June 06, 2008

So, a quick little blog before my action-packed weekend.

Yesterday I got some good news. I had interviewed for a graphic designer position with Terrence's company a couple of days ago and the interview went well, but not great. I, however, decided that I really liked the people I interviewed with and I liked the offices and stuff, so yesterday I sent them some revised artwork to prove to them that I can do what they need their graphic designer to do. They called yesterday afternoon and want to hire me temp to perm, which means that for 1-3 months I'll be a full-time contractor for their company and, after that timeframe if they're happy with me, they'll hire me full-time. So, I've accepted the job.

I'm excited and I'm nervous. I'm excited because I am looking forward to not looking for a job. I'm also excited because I have been sensing lately that I just need a time to rest and re-group after how difficult this past year has been. I'm excited because I'll get to take the Metro in, which I think is cool, plus I won't have to pay as much for gas (it cost me $60 to fill up my tank yesterday) because I won't be driving as much. I'm excited because I like the color of the green cube walls and the beautiful view. I'm excited because I enjoyed talking with the people I met in the interview. I'm excited to be able to work with my friend again. I'm excited that I won't have to work on the weekends or carry a pager.

I'm nervous because I haven't done this type of stuff seriously since 2004, so I wonder if I can really do it. I'm nervous because the company is located on the 44th floor and things like earthquakes and terrorists spring to mind. I'm nervous because I wonder what happens after 1-3 months if they don't want me.

Overall, though, I am excited about the new opportunity that I have before me. There is some aspect of me that is disappointed that it's not what I've been trying to achieve for the past four years of seminary and trying to find a job in ministry, but there's an equal aspect of me that realizes I need more rest and reflection after the past four years. At the same time as all of this, I also had an opportunity for part-time employment doing hospice ministry that I've just learned could be ordained but in thinking about that opportunity, my sense was that I need to hold out for a type of ministry that I really feel called to be doing. What that is and when that will happen are still big question marks for me. At some point I hope it'll be much clearer.

I think I will miss, however, some aspects of doing hospital chaplaincy. I'll miss my very flexible schedule and chances to have lunch with friends around town. I'll miss my fellow chaplains who've cared so deeply for me during this past year, especially. I'll also miss the funnier aspects of chaplaincy. The other day this elderly, Baptist woman with dementia asked me to pray with her and, in the middle of my prayer I heard her exclaiming things like, "God Damn!" and "Holy Shit!" It was all I could do to keep praying without laughing. A very, very religious woman, I suppose. I also think I'll miss the stories that inevitably arise because of the nature of the work. But - I need a rest from it. My soul is tired.

That's my good news, which is so welcome against all sorts of bad news that has arisen in my sphere. Perhaps that news will turn good soon, too. Only God knows, I suppose.

My weekend will be packed. Tonight Gavin and I will watch the remainder of Heroes Season 2. Saturday I will go to a luncheon with some family members to support my Aunt Ellie's commitment to this certain women's abuse charity in Pasadena. Then I will come home and meet up with Gavin and we'll go to my church's chili cook-off for a spell. I am responsible to face paint for an hour and I can't say that I'm too excited about that, but I'll do what I can. Then Saturday night instead of celebrating the Crippler's birthday (which is what I would like to do), I'll be hunkered down by my pager, hoping that it doesn't go off (ie, that no one dies, goes into cardiac arrest or gets into a serious trauma). I'll be doing on-call for the hospital from 6:00p until 9:30a on Sunday. Here's where it gets more fun. For whatever reason, when I was setting my schedule I also agreed to work in-house at the hospital on Sunday from 9:30a-6p. So I'll be doing a 24-hour shift. Not fun. After I get home on Sunday, if I feel up to it, I'll go and watch The Team play in their softball game. Big, crazy, crowded weekend.

- Jenny, 6/06/2008 11:33:00 AM

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