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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So many things to blog about and so little time. Here are the topics I'd like to blog about, once I have time:

a.) Pictorial essay of my new job.
b.) The Church Basement Roadshow, for Tisra.
c.) How to automatically disqualify men on eHarmony, for DeDe.
d.) The strange things people wear and tote on the subway.

But seeing as how I have to get up at 6a so that I can get to work by 8a (so I can leave by 5p), I'll give you a bare-bones summary of how it's all going.

First Day: I arrived and there was no chair for me and no computer. People were nice-enough. I felt like vomiting at a few points during the day because it felt kind of overwhelming to be there. Eventually I was given a temporary computer until they can figure out what to do about my computer. So I started working on some posters I have to do. Took me hours to figure out how to import a picture into InDesign (which I eventually stumbled upon). Perhaps I'll put up some PDFs in the coming days so you can see what they are. By the end of the day I was feeling better, but I also just needed a hug. Thankfully, Gavin lives three stops away from my work in the direction of me going home. So he made me dinner and gave me a hug.

Second Day: Relatively uneventful. I went in from 8-5, which is a time schedule I really like. The day went by SO quickly. Still working on the posters. Did not feel like vomiting at all today. Got a library card for the library across the street, where Chris' mom works. Picked up a book on InDesign so I can more easily & quickly figure out how to do things like import a picture and do a runaround. Went to lunch with Terrence. At the end of the day Gavin met me in the courtyard of my office building and we took the Red Line back together.

Ok, I have got to go to bed. Otherwise I will be wasted tomorrow.

- Jenny, 6/17/2008 10:33:00 PM

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