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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Late last week I ordered new shoes through an online catalog named Acacia. Carrie dropped off this catalog at my home because she thought I'd like the products in it, which I do for the most part. Actually, I think that Gavin's mom would really like the funky-eccentric products they sell. That is neither here nor there. The reason why I bring this up is because I do believe that the shoes are walking here. Monday they were in Ohio. Tuesday they were in Indiana. Today they appear to be in Illinois. Looking at a map, it seems like the fastest they'll get here is in 6 days, since there are six states between California and Illinois. But who knows--perhaps they'd like to see a little more of the country before they settle with me in Southern California.

New Haircut: 11 June 2008Well, I got my hair cut today. You can see it to the right. I told my hair cutter that I wanted something different. She cut it pretty short. I guess I was aware she was cutting it short because I noticed several pieces of 3"+ long hair clumps sitting on my lap, but I suppose I didn't put it all together until I looked at it in the mirror. My initial thought is that it's an ok cut. It seems pretty short, but the longer the day goes on, the more and more I get used to it and begin liking it. I think the true test will be what I think of it tomorrow.

- Jenny, 6/11/2008 05:51:00 PM

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