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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'll post quickly before going to play tennis tonight. Hopefully I'll just be able to come home after tennis and go to bed. I am sleepy today. I nearly missed getting off of the subway at the appropriate stop this morning because I was spacing out (probably thinking about how I'd like to return to bed).

Other Mac users who use AdiumX--has your Adium been working lately? Over the course of the past few days I have tried and tried to logon with it and just can't seem to get connected. I'm not sure why. I just downloaded the newest version (1.3), which is a beta, and hope that will work. So far it doesn't look good.

I can't believe how quickly this week has gone by. Things at work continue to be good. I took a surreptitious photo of my workspace this morning on my phone. Once I figure out how to get my photos from my phone to my computer (I think I can use Bluetooth to do this?), I'll post so you can picture me hard at work. One nice thing from today at work was that I was working on my first couple of redesigns for this site that we own (it compares prices from the other sites like Priceline and Kayak and stuff...the site might be the combination of [the opposite of high] and [a synonym for ticket price] with a dot com after that) and several of my coworkers happened to walk by and glance at it (no one really stops to talk to me yet, other than Terrence) and commented on how much they liked that particular design. Which is kinda cool, if I do say so myself. Thank goodness, however, that someone else is responsible to make it real--I just really wouldn't know where to begin. If you manage to figure out the site's name and visit it within a couple of days, you'll notice that any improvement is a good improvement. However I have been told that they had a freelance designer work on a new skin for the site to be used for the inbetween of the present site and the one that I will eventually design. I think that change occurs this coming Tuesday.

Tomorrow will be the close of my first week. The days go by very quickly. I imagine tomorrow will also go by quickly, as we have a free catered lunch (every Friday, from what I hear) and I went to Michael's today after work to get some supplies to mount the posters, so I've decided that I'll be leaving a half hour earlier than my normal 5p time to make up for the time I spent there. Pretty sweet. I'm on-call tomorrow night and hoping to not be called in. Saturday I hope to either wash my car or get it washed...probably at this point I'll need to get it washed because there's some caked-on grime on there. Saturday night I'm going to Matt & Amberle's wedding. Sunday morning I preach in Newhall. Sunday evening the Team plays against a group of Lutherans from Salem. All in all, a busy weekend.

- Jenny, 6/19/2008 07:23:00 PM

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