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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Several items of business tonight.

First, for those of you who follow Gavin's exploits, you'll be interested to know that he has a new blog post. He doesn't seem to follow his comments too closely (he's new to this whole blogging world) and received a comment from Tyler about me having to explain what a hobo blogger is and that he, inadvertently, is one. So he got his act together and has put together a new post for his faithful public.

Hmm...what were the other items of business? It's getting late and, in thinking of all I have to do tonight, I am blanking.

Oh! We now have a new blog for our Sunday softball team called, affectionately, THE TEAM!!!. For those of you who have interest (a limited audience, I am sure), you can read about our last game (the first of our new season), see some pictures of us in action, and see our latest game schedule. Thanks to Tyler for having the vision and putting it together.

Call me crazy, but this weekend I will be visiting both San Diego and Ojai. For those not in the know, those destinations are in the opposite direction of each other from Burbank. Fun times.

I go through sock phases. I suppose that among the list of my favorite things (including toothbrushes) are socks. At one point I really loved wearing all sorts of funky women's dress socks, preferably with stripes. Then I went through a phase of predominantly wanting to wear black trouser socks. Then I went through a phase of loving everything Smart Wool (stripe patterns at the top of the list). My newest phase is wanting only to wear white socks, which is out of character from my love of colored socks. YET! I found at the Sports Authority these white (but actually multi-colored pink) ankle socks and I can't get enough of them! I can't quite find the same socks on the internet, but these come closest to what I bought a few months ago when they were on sale and I was looking for socks. Except for mine are cooler because the colors are more interesting and fun.

Just as I said I'd finish up my Color book, what did I do, but add two more books to my currently-reading list. I started reading this book about how to sell your art (which is helpful so far, a chapter or so in) and have begun listening to an audio book by Nick Hornby.

Because I still have to pack up and mentally prepare for this weekend, this concludes what I have to say for this evening. Thank you for listening.

- Jenny, 5/08/2008 10:56:00 PM

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